The importance of working on your business (not just in it)

little girl takes pictures under a large blooming tree

Enjoying a country walk with the children recently, I enlisted the help of a much-loved game to help keep up the momentum and lift the spirits. The game is, quite simply, to find the letters that go together to make up our names within the landscape that surrounds us whether it’s country fields or a cityscape. The rules are to be as creative as you want to be while composing your name, an imposing chimney stack becomes an ‘L’, the latch in an ironwork gate a handy ‘S’ and a pile of twigs on closer examination are found to be in perfect ‘Y’ formation. The letters are quickly captured as the walk progresses onto a smart phone; to be assembled later to assess the winner.

The real meaning behind the game – as well as prolonging a walk for reluctant participants, is to encourage them to make time to take a closer look at what’s all around them in their day-to-day lives – things we all sometimes take for granted. In a life where we spend so much time rushing from A to B it’s important to take time to stop and take time out to reflect.

For those running a business it’s important you don’t just work in your business, you must also work on your business.  Taking time out of the day-to-day will not only give you time to explore ideas and opportunities that excite and inspire you, but it will help you identify new opportunities you may not have otherwise seen which will give you the energy, focus and inspiration to think differently about how to move forward.  And that’s when business move from A to C.

If you’re new to taking time out like this and you’d find it helpful for me to write a blog about how you can start thinking strategically and exploring new ideas and income streams just let me know and I’ll make sure I share this shortly.