Expecting the unexpected


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Expect the unexpected

With such a small fee at stake, it’s probably easier to cancel the client appointment in my diary, it’s at an inconvenient time, scheduled for so late in the day. It’s only small customer after all. It’s likely to be a one-off request, with little financial return, and unlikely to lead to any other work. All told, it’s probably not worth my time and attention. Apart from that; I really am tired today… so it’s okay to cancel, right?

It’s not worth attending their launch, there’s nothing more for us from the markets they’re interested in. They’re only small fry compared to the big names in this industry we want to reach, plus we’ve already worked with them for so long. We’ve exhausted every avenue. We need to branch out and embrace the new. It’s fine to turn down this invitation isn’t it?

The problem is here, how can we ever really speculate on the things we didn’t do, the appointments we avoided, the conversations we closed down? How can we possibly predict that we would  spark a great connection at the late diary meeting that snowballed into something far bigger? How could we predict that the host from the launch didn’t take us with him as he moved jobs into a bigger role for a more coveted customer? The short answer is, none of us can see into the future.

We spend a huge amount of time, resource and money trying to work out how best to get people to notice us. Our best chance of success would be to notice them first. Great service, and exploring all opportunities, is at the heart of every business, and by keeping service at the heart of everything we do, we may find that opportunities for growth that are far closer to home than we ever imagined.