Favourite Feelings



Tears – Thomas Leuthard


Listening to live music and singing always does it for me. It doesn’t really matter how good it is, be it a busker on the street, watching my favourite band perform to an audience of thousands, or listening to my little boy on stage with his school choir, it always sparks an immediate emotional response in me. Embarrassingly, this often manifests itself in surreptitious weeping!

The actor doesn’t think about how to become a better actor, he thinks more of what response he wants to provoke from his audience, how he wants to make them feel and what he needs to do to make sure he reaches out to them to elicit the desired reaction.

When developing his plot, a novelist spends time thinking about how his reader will relate to the characters and how their fictitious acts will make his reader feel. Believing enough in the characters and having a real emotional response to their actions is one of the true joys of reading.

It’s a great rule of thumb in business too.

Thinking about what you would like people to feel and what response you would like them to have when they think about your product or service is a great way to better understand your customer profile. Thinking about your customers’ response when they are exposed to your product can really help to develop an effective brand story, and in turn, help you position your brand in a way that will begin to have real resonance for your customers.