Playing to the crowd

Image: Corey Balazowich – Friendship



There is an innate need in many of us to crowd-please, an instinct to be all things to all people, to be part of the wider party; many would argue it’s part of what makes us human.

As a small or medium business looking to grow, the temptation can often be the same: Develop a myriad of different products and services – create an awareness across a broad target audience pool, and merrily go about marketing them to the eager assembled crowd in the hope that some of them will eventually find the right target and stick.

The problem with employing this type of scattergun approach, is that spreading yourself too thinly can be time consuming as well as costly. While traditional marketing tactics may hone down from the scattergun to target a particular age group perhaps, or a specific income bracket, it’s almost impossible to reach your customers on an individual basis.

If you think about your customer as your best friend – rather than just someone you run into at parties – then it won’t be too hard to personalize your content and make sure it’s reaching them in a very pertinent and personal way. By knowing exactly who your audience are, and really listening to them by plugging into all their social networks and communication channels, you will come to a far greater understanding of exactly where their frustrations and challenges lie, and that way, you can begin to be really targeted in your communications with them. Much like your understanding of a close friend – having a target audience whose tastes and preferences you are intimately acquainted with will really help you move towards developing tangible brand affinity with your customer.