Agnes Marketing is owned by Lindsey Moore, a Wirral-based business development and marketing consultant. Lindsey works with ambitious Merseyside and Cheshire businesses who are keen to grow, know where they want to get to but need some hand-on support getting there.

Services Provided by Agnes Marketing:

Marketing Strategy

An essential exercise for any business to undertake, a marketing strategy allows the business to focus the available resources on the most effective ways to boost sales and gain leverage over competitors. Aligned to support your business strategy and growth objectives this process involves:

– Identification of key target markets

– Defining positioning within those markets

– Developing highly relevant messaging tailored to your audience requirements

– Competitor research and analysis

– Competitive environment research and analysis

– Business SWOT analysis

– Findings and recommendations

– Marketing plan of action – detailing the recommended activity the business should be doing across all relevant communications platforms (this can also be done as a stand-alone exercise, see below)

Marketing Communications Audit

An assessment of all marketing, sales and promotional activity your business currently undertakes.  In mapping and assessing each of these ‘touch points’ Agnes Marketing will identify whether your current marketing activity is focused in the right areas to deliver your growth requirements.  The following answers usually come out of this process:

–        How do you compare against your competitors marketing activity?

–        How effective is your marketing activity in returning ROI – is this monitored?

–        What are the gaps in your marketing and business development activity?

–        Do you have a consistent message / tone of voice / look and feel across all marketing activity?


Sales & Marketing Plan

A sales and marketing plan is bespoke to each client, aligned to the resources available to your business (time and budget). This actionable plan breaks down the required marketing activity on a weekly and monthly basis. Initial plans are usually 3-6 months.  Clients can action the plan themselves, outsource the delivery fully to Agnes Marketing, or work in partnership with Agnes Marketing to deliver it.


Agnes Marketing will help you identify the brand values and personality traits that make you unique and translate this into a powerful brand that creates stand-out from your competitors.

Business Development Support:

– LinkedIn lead generation and appointment setting

– Proposal writing

– Corporate events

Workshops and training

Agnes Marketing delivers sales and marketing training into your business to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to grow your business. These workshops include:

– How to create a marketing strategy that supports your sales and grows your business

– Supercharge your LinkedIn lead generation

– What’s your USP? A discovery workshop to identify what makes you different and how to trade on this

– What’s the Story? How to create a story for your brand that creates an emotive connection with clients and prospects