Time to Face the Change



It's a new year

Its a new year – Nana B Agyei


Whether you’re feeling jaded or elated post festivities – the New Year inevitably brings an almost tangible sense of renewal, a chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh.

Like many welcoming the New Year, you probably have a whole host of personal goals; a mental wish-list on the periphery of your consciousness, although it may feel a little forced to articulate these and write them down in the time-honoured fashion as a numbered list of New Year’s resolutions.

While a sense of possibility and opportunity may well be enough to propel us through long dark winter months in our personal lives, switch to a business persona, and the opportunity for reflection and renewal can take on a whole different perspective.

Taking time at the beginning of the year to think carefully about the goals and targets you want to reach and the changes you foresee for your business can have a huge impact on the way you think, plan and implement change throughout the year.

Assuming you will make intermittent changes as the year progresses allows you to delay making changes that are important but not time sensitive; and unplanned changes are far less likely to be implemented, goals can be easily forgotten and quickly be superseded by fluctuating  needs.

By taking time at the start of the year to explore the goals and changes you would like for your business, and then putting them together as specific and time-bound goals within a considered plan, you will be able to plan effectively, steer your business forward and realise some tangible goals right the way through the year. Follow these three simple steps to create powerful resolutions to grow your business throughout the year:

  1. Take time to think through your hopes and vision for your business for the coming year, and distil into achievable resolutions.
  2. Implement a plan for achieving your resolutions with clearly defined time-bound goals.
  3. Diarise time to refer back to your plan at regular intervals throughout the year.


Happy New Year