LinkedIn for Lead Generation: free masterclass, Friday 20th Nov 9.30am


LinkedIn Lead Generation Masterclass: a practical how-to guide of the three key pillars of effective lead generation using LinkedIn


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Supercharge Business Leads Using LinkedIn: 5-day breakfast challenge


This is a 5-part coaching and training for a small group of eight.
During our 90 min. daily breakfast sessions you’ll actively start a lead generation campaign for your business. What we’ll be covering is:
  1. A tried and tested 3-step process that savvy entrepreneurs are using to create consistent business growth and revenue with minimal effort.
  2. Get started with effective lead generation activity (even if you’re a complete beginner) during this 5-day challenge in a supportive and collaborate environment, with help at every step of the way.
  3. Answers to the common question “what do I say when I message a prospect”
  4. How to write posts that get real engagement


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LLN Summer Lunch: Thursday 7th June, 12-2pm

30 James St, Liverpool

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LLN 6 O’Clock Club: 18th October, 6-8pm, Fazenda, Exchange Flags, Liverpool

LLN Christmas Lunch: Thursday 6th December, 12-2pm, 30 James St, Liverpool