Social media is a brilliant way to connect with people, and if Facebook is for hanging out with friends and family, then LinkedIn is all business

An impressive 30 million businesses use the platform in the UK, which begs the question: why don’t more of the people behind them supercharge their ‘about’ sections? So many of them read like lacklustre CVs, when a LinkedIn profile page and the about section are valuable pieces of marketing and should be treated as such.  Ask yourself: are your Read more

Lockdown caused absolute havoc for many small business owners, but it also prompted a surge in entrepreneurialism, as people pivoted and found new revenue streams. For many, that shift led to a change in business model, and while it is thrilling to explore new avenues, it inevitably left some businesses with legacy clients on the Read more

There aren’t many things that can match (or beat) the feeling of winning a new client. It’s almost worth trying to bottle it so you can remember that sensation when a business pitch doesn’t quite come off. So what happens when one misfiring tender turns into several? Do you put it down to economic conditions Read more

Every small business owner knows there are some days where it feels like they are running just to keep up, particularly when it comes to marketing a business.  The sheer volume of content, projects, campaigns and events is far more than a single person can handle, as I’ve previously explored but there are some nifty Read more

How many social media platforms can you name? Five, 10 or a dozen maybe? How’s this for a blow-your-hair-back fact: there are actually more than 65 social media outlets currently operating.  Obviously some are a lot more high-profile than others, but they all represent a massive opportunity for businesses, no matter their size or what Read more

Marketing. It’s not the biggest word you’ll come across in business, but few have such a vast scope, taking in everything from public relations, social media, blogging, case studies, events, news… I could go on, but you get the idea.  What’s also astonishing is the number of companies that have spent years building up a Read more

How well do you think you know yourself and how important is it that you do? If you’re a singleton, being able to describe yourself in a way that will attract your ideal someone is the difference between finding your Mr or Mrs Right or endlessly swiping right – and it’s the same when it Read more

I’ve written before about the common mistakes small and medium businesses can make when it comes to marketing, and how to use it to help your enterprise stand out from the crowd. That’s all very well for established companies, but what if you’re a relative newcomer to the business community? Would you have the first Read more

Even if you’ve had your business plans for 2021 locked down for a while, it’s always helpful to know what ideas and technologies are doing the rounds and which coat-tails could be the most useful to ride on. So, without further ado, here’s my top 10 list of small business trends I think will make Read more

I’ve written previously about LinkedIn and why it’s a social media platform unlike any other, largely because it’s less a place to share kitten pictures and more a powerful market for networking and building up business contacts. In what some may consider a surprising move, LinkedIn has taken the bold step of emulating the likes Read more