LinkedIn: How to be super relevant to your prospects

An impressive 30 million businesses use the platform in the UK, which begs the question: why don’t more of the people behind them supercharge their ‘about’ sections?

So many of them read like lacklustre CVs, when a LinkedIn profile page and the about section are valuable pieces of marketing and should be treated as such. 

Ask yourself: are your potential clients really interested in the award you won three years ago, or if you work well under pressure? Or should you be telling them how you can meet their needs or overcome a problem they face?

The key to creating a cracking LinkedIn ‘about’ section is building trust between you and everyone scrolling the platform, and I can help you achieve this. 

Ask the question

A great way to kick off an ‘about’ section is to pose a question or questions about common problems or issues your target audience faces. This will grab their attention and immediately draw them in. 

Provide an answer

The next step is to explain specifically what you can and will do to help your clients overcome these challenges. 

Show your working out

Saying you can do something is one thing, proving it is another. Boost your credibility by using client testimonials to demonstrate your experience and success in delivering successful outcomes for customers. 

These three steps will create an impactful LinkedIn profile, but now it’s time to refine it a little further. 

Tone of voice

This is where many business owners encounter difficulties as they try to engage their target audience across all forms of content. 

You don’t have to be Shakespeare but remember: you are trying to connect with people in a way that’s authentic and true to your brand so aim for a tone that is both empathetic and approachable. 

Ditch the jargon

A surprisingly common mistake business owners make is assuming their potential customers know as much as them. 

You may understand all the technical language associated with your industry or sector but you shouldn’t assume your target audience does. Always go back to first principles: know your ideal customer. 

Don’t be salesy 

A strong LinkedIn ‘about’ section needs to build trust and credibility, that much is obvious. But it’s also a chance to demonstrate your likeability. That means toning down the sales speak, which can be off-putting to some clients. 

Nail all three and you won’t even need to think about the hard sell – enquiries will come naturally.


Don’t forget to contact details at the end of your LinkedIn ‘about’ section to make it as easy as possible for an interested prospect to get in touch. 

Combining these component parts into a compelling, organic brand presence on LinkedIn really works, and I can prove it with two excellent examples. 

Both Denise Chilton and Debbie Thompson attended my Supercharge your Business Leads using LinkedIn course and created ‘about’ sections that became part of successful lead generation campaigns.  See my ‘Events’ page for my latest courses.

If you want to chat about getting the most out of LinkedIn or any other business marketing issues, drop me a line at and I’ll do all I can to help. 

About the Author Lindsey Moore

Lindsey Moore has spent the last 15 years growing, advising and empowering small businesses. These conversations aim to provide inspiration, motivation and energy to those looking to start, scale or pivot their business, by hearing the stories of others who have been brave, followed their heart, kept their nerve and grown something quite remarkable.

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