How to create your brand story

Developing a story around your product or service has become the watchword in marketing over recent years, but it’s been with us for a very long time. The art of storytelling, and building a story that resonates with your audience, is as old as the hills! As an SME, being clear about the story behind Read more

The course of true love

  “The course of true love, never did run smooth” wise words which have just as much resonance now, as they did in Shakespeare’s day.   As Valentine’s day fast approaches, we tend to shift the focus onto our personal relationships. But these words are equally applicable to our professional worlds too. Within a thriving Read more


As we pack away Christmas decorations for another year, and January takes a firm hold, our thoughts often turn to resolution. Traditionally a ‘quiet’ month, while budgets are agreed and strategies developed, the first month of the year has become synonymous with projection into the coming year, both personally and professionally. Although a perfect month Read more

Spread a little Hygge this festive season

    Hygge –  the latest watchword in lifestyle inherited from our Northern European cousins is gradually moving south and is being fully embraced by the British and continuing our love affair with all things Scandinavian. The Danish Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, although loosely translated as ‘coziness’ is so much more than that alone and the Read more

Abba and Flares – a legacy of the 1970’s

Love the era or hate it, along with Abba and the Silver Jubilee, questionable hairstyles and decimalisation, the 1970’s also spawned a plethora of hilarious advertising campaigns. As a child of the 70’s, even a cursory glance at key advertising and marketing campaigns reveals a whole host of cringe-worthy offerings, most following a trusted formula Read more

Questions, questions …

  Does the product fit the brief? Is it the right time to launch this product? Should we move to bigger premises? Is this interview candidate better than the last? Will the social media campaign work? Should we invest in the new software? Is the joke too subtle for the advertising campaign? Will sales increase Read more

Favourite Feelings

    Listening to live music and singing always does it for me. It doesn’t really matter how good it is, be it a busker on the street, watching my favourite band perform to an audience of thousands, or listening to my little boy on stage with his school choir, it always sparks an immediate Read more