It’s that time of year again, when Mariah Carey reminds us that the presents underneath the tree aren’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. (Love, she insists quite rightly, is key to a very happy holiday season) That being said though, Christmas Shopping is one of the festive season’s most time-honoured traditions Read more

I have been a business development and marketing adviser to small businesses for over 20 years.  Without question the biggest marketing challenge most small business face is: Clearly defining their ideal client, and  Differentiating their business from your competitors. Are you in the ‘all things to all people’ category? It is common for small businesses to Read more

Be honest, if a potential client is looking for the services you provide and landed on your LinkedIn page, would it smack them between the eyes, or just smack of a (not so) glorified CV? Reality check – this is who is looking at your profile page: Those who are proactively looking for the services Read more

Networking 101

Autumn is undoubtedly my favourite season, sandwiched neatly between those long, warm, summer days and the excitement of Christmas. For me, it is definitely synonymous with taking stock and making plans – and the new term feeling still pervades, despite it being several years since I replenished my pencil case in eager anticipation of the Read more

How to create your brand story

Developing a story around your product or service has become the watchword in marketing over recent years, but it’s been with us for a very long time. The art of storytelling, and building a story that resonates with your audience, is as old as the hills! As an SME, being clear about the story behind Read more

The course of true love

  “The course of true love, never did run smooth” wise words which have just as much resonance now, as they did in Shakespeare’s day.   As Valentine’s day fast approaches, we tend to shift the focus onto our personal relationships. But these words are equally applicable to our professional worlds too. Within a thriving Read more