The key to a beautiful friendship

Take a look into any school playground at the beginning of the school year and along with the half-mast socks and wonky school ties, you may also notice a whole host of burgeoning  friendship groups. Take another look over the gates at the end of term and it will be clear that while some of Read more

5 Ways SMEs Can Take on the Big Boys AND WIN

There are many advantages that small and medium sized businesses have over large businesses. I work with SMEs helping them identify opportunities for growth, and then helping them to realise that growth potential. Here are my top 5 strategies for small business success: 1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service Make every customer feel super-special On the Read more

Pig Tails and Marketing

I have always had a heightened sense of empathy.  Looking back, this showed itself from an early age.  I remember when I was seven, and my best friend at the time, Lindsey Moody, had one of her pig tails snipped off by a boy in our class.  I felt her distress so much I cried Read more